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Are you ready for a challenge?

The Alien Sphere Thing, or T.A.S.T, is a procedurally generated environment puzzler for the PC, with mutating mechanics and controls in a creepy atmosphere. 

Trapped inside an endless maze out of spheres you have to observe how your actions influence the floating cubes in the environment.

Identify the pattern, crack the code, open the door and go deeper into the maze.

Are you smart enough to escape?

Made by @b0rb0g    &    @Nemecrosius

Check out this review to know more:


The game is best to be enjoyed by playing it with an Xbox 360 controller, which also allows for an extra challenge in form of local co-op. For up to 5 players it adds the new me­chanic of cross room puzzles and only by working together everyone can escape the maze.

WASD: Character movement
Mouse: Orientation
Mouse buttons: Influences the cubes
Space: Jump

D-Pad: Character movement
Sticks: Orientation
Shoulder & Trigger buttons: Influences the cubes
A: Jump

Keyboard and Xbox Controllers can be combined.

Your progress will be saved when you quit the game!

Did the Sphere beat you? Don't give up!

If you have any troubles or don't know how to proceed please write a comment!

(Inspired by the Cube movies)


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The Alien Sphere Thing (T.A.S.T) 39 MB


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Deleted 156 days ago

Hehe we are glad :) Did you also try the game for yourself?

Long time ago I made a speedrun of our game, so if you want to see the game from beginning until the end, there you go :) I don't explain how to play it though. For that, watch the video in the comment below.

I made an explanatory video to help you understand the game. In case you have more questions, please comment!

If you wonder how to reset your progress, press "RESETCURRENTPROGRESS" to reset the progress of the current mode you are in (1 player, 2 player, etc..)

and press "RESETALLPROGRESS" to reset all.

These are the only cheats we have implemented ;)